The Russian Art Center is a private cultural project in Kaliningrad. The collection is based on the art of different eras of the country.

The history of RAC began in 2013, when the initiator of the project and philanthropist Rustam Aliev acquired his first painting. It was the starting point for the creation of the future cultural space.

Today the collection includes more than 800 exhibits, including works by world-class geniuses: Ivan Aivazovsky, Ilya Repin, Nikolay Ge, Konstantin Makovsky, Paolo Trubetskoy and many others. It is planned that in the future this place will become a platform for the development of different areas of art.

At the moment, an active collection of the art fund of painting, sculpture and objects of decorative and applied art is being carried out.

The Cultural Center cooperates with leading museums in Russia, participates in their exhibitions, provides its paintings for exhibiting and is open for new interactions and implementation of joint projects. RCI works with world auction houses, which allows to return to the homeland masterpieces of Russian painting, which for various reasons have got abroad.

The Center is scheduled to open in 2024.


— to contribute to the preservation of Russian culture and national traditions in the context of modern globalization and tendencies to blur the boundaries of cultural identity due to the historical processes of formation of the Kaliningrad region

— cultivate respect and love for national culture that leads to respect for other cultures

— to reveal the potential of Russian culture as a part of the world cultural process through the dialogue of arts

— development of the museum collection as a national property

Total stock collection of the museum — 936 exhibits

Painting and graphic arts — 549 pieces

Decorative and applied arts — 266 items

Sculpture — 83 items


Founder of RAC - project initiator and patron Rustam Aliev




The founder of the Russian Art Center in Kaliningrad, the owner of Moloko JSC, Rustam Aliev, in an interview with the Royal Gates magazine, sums up some of the results of his activities as a patron, admits how difficult it is not to make decisions that make life easier, and what losses anti-Russian sanctions have brought him.
The international art newspaper "The Art Newspaper Russia" about the Russian Art Center: "Businessman Rustam Aliev plans to create a center of Russian art in Kaliningrad".
On October 28, the Hermitage Days will open at the Kaliningrad Museum of Fine Arts. For the third year in a row, residents and guests of the region get acquainted with the treasures of the largest Russian museum - the State Hermitage.
At the exhibition «Lovis Corinth. Thirst for life» in the framework of the project «Days of the Hermitage 2021» will participate painting from the collection of the Russian Art Center. This is the work of Lovis Corinth «Self-portrait in armor» (1911).
The Russian Art Center invites you to the exhibition The Romance of the Sea. Painting of Russian and German artists of the XIX Century», which will open on July 8 in the exhibition building «Warehouse» on the territory of the Museum of the World Ocean. Residents and guests of the city will see authentic works of art created by professors and graduates of the Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg and Königsberg from the Center Foundation.


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