Western European Art —
Königsberg Academy of Arts and the Nidden Colony —

Rosenfelder Ludwig (1813-1881)
Portrait of a man
1848 year
Julius Theophil Wentscher (1842-1918)
Dune night
Year 1899
Julius Monien (1842-1897)
Landscape from Southern Bavaria
Около 1880 года
Carl Scherres (1833-1923)
Idyll on the river bank (Boy in a boat)
Year 1867
Carl Scherres (1833-1923)
After rain
Second half of the XIX century
Carl Scherres (1833-1923)
Landscape with boat
Year 1882
Eduard Wilhelm Franz Anderson (1873-1947)
Ferry in East Prussia
Year 1909
Richard Pfeiffer (1878-1962)
Year 1915
Ernst Mollenhauer (1892-1963)
Flowers in a vase
Year 1948
Ernst Mollenhauer (1892-1963)
Red Houses in Campen on Zilt Island
1946 год
Waldemar Schlichting (1896-1970)
Summer day in March
ХХ century
Weiss A
Fishermen at the port