“Complete, not freeze”: founder of the Russian Art Center Rustam Aliev acknowledges the difficulties of the moment, but is ready to bring the project to the opening


The founder of the Russian Art Center in Kaliningrad, the owner of Moloko JSC, Rustam Aliev, in an interview with the Royal Gates magazine, sums up some of the results of his activities as a patron, admits how difficult it is not to make decisions that make life easier, and what losses anti-Russian sanctions have brought him.

– Four years ago, in an interview with the Royal Gates, you first expressed your intention to build a museum of fine arts in Kaliningrad. The idea has been transformed during this time, the project has also undergone changes. What stage are you in right now?

Rustam Aliyev answered this and other questions in an interview with Klops.

The full version of the interview can be found at the link below: